About Me


After seven years, two presidential elections, and three Emmy’s, I traded in my life as a Washington-based network news producer and moved to Kosovo in March 2013. I started this blog as a diary of my first big solo trip, which I took in April of that year around Southeast Asia. Since then, I’ve added over 20 countries to my tally, but the list of dream destinations just keeps getting longer. I travel as often as I can around my work as aย media and communications consultant forย international development organizations.

This blog was designed around two nicknames given by those who know me best: Bridgekrieg, for my general scorched-Earth approach to life, and my dad’s nickname for me – Wheels – which has taken on greater significance through my travels over the past few years.

Aside from travel, my greatest passions are for wine and cheese. You’ll read plenty about my quest for both.